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Thread: Trading Psychology materials

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    Trading Psychology materials

    This 60-minute webinar was originally presented on 07/17/12

    Whether you are a new or experienced trader you know a well-managed mindset can add to your successes, and a bad mindset can mean your demise. But, the key to creating a winning mindset is putting a daily routine into place.

    Over the past 20 years of coaching I have studied and documented many of these trading distinctions and patterns from some of the top traders in the business. Some are simple adjustments and others take work and repetition to install.

    The goal of this presentation is to pass on some of these techniques that can be integrated in your daily routine easily. If practiced and refined they can have an enormous impact on your trading results.

    We will cover:

    How the brain stores information and transfers it into a trading action and how to stay in control
    Mental patterns of destruction with trading fears
    How to condition great patterns for succeeding
    How to know you are reaching a danger zone BEFORE it's too late
    How to turn around a bad day
    How to identify a mental "block" and ways to reduce its affect
    and much, much more!
    The session will finish with an open Q&A.

    About the Presenter: For the past 20+ years Robin has studied the day-to-day behaviors of traders and was one of the first in the business to transform proven NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to fit specifically for the trading environment. NLP- simply, explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behavior and emotions (program).

    She has earned the reputation as "The Trader's Coach" and is known world-wide. She has been featured on CNBC-Power Lunch, ABC's 20/20 News, The, BusinessWeek,, SFO Magazine and is currently a guest on TastyTrade and the CFRN internet radio shows.

    Robin's style and approach to trader coaching is very different from most others in the business. As an experienced trader and coach she cut her teeth on Wall Street in one of the heaviest Day Trading firms back in the 90's. Today she coaches many high-end Hedge Fund firms as well as individual traders with the goal of creating a "balanced" all-round trading life style.

    She is dedicated to a traders' overall well being, and her first-hand experiences provide a unique approach and expertise to educate traders on "How-To" master their mindset to attain peak performance.

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    AMPmonitor - harmonic and price patterns recognition Scanner that I use
    TradingArsenal Quiz project - best edu material regarding the Harmonic Patterns Trading

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    while some traders more prefer an informative way of learning, instead of reading they prefer to watch video tutorial, i've found many in youtube, but most of them are too long to watch, some video are over 2 hours duration in single link, found this one well informed video, and more interactive video tutorial, you can select which one you need to watch, based on your knowledge level, each video only at average 3-5 minute duration, you may check at : Advanced Forex Trading Video Tutorials

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    The simple fact about the markets is that you DON’T have control and if you place a trade the outcome is uncertain. No matter how great any trade looks or how sure a winner you think it will be, the outcome is uncertain. It is this uncertainty that professional Forex traders have worked out and conquered by learning how to trade with and not trying to fight or control.By the way, still I love scalping because of low risk percentage form long term trading. I do not get any kind of restriction from Tickmill broker but their low trading spreads inspire me for applying my scalping trading method. Anybody willing to survive in this business must always take money management into consideration when doing this business, though it will require time and patient but the truth is that it will surely pay off and yield good profit as well.

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    Thanks for sharing it.

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