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Thread: Can 6 "Figures From The Animated Series" Dungeons And Dragons " From Hasbro Be In The

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    Can 6 "Figures From The Animated Series" Dungeons And Dragons " From Hasbro Be In The

    Ever since Hasbro announced the creation of its first 6-inch action figure based on the popular role - playing game Dungeons & Dragons back in September, the number 1 question I've seen pop up with fans is whether they will make action figures based on the animated series" Dungeons & Dragons", originally broadcast on CBS in 1983-1985.

    The series, which was co-produced by Marvel Productions and animated by Toei Animation, consisted of a total of 27 episodes.

    The premise of the show was quite simple, as it focused on six children who, while at a carnival in an entertainment house, were mysteriously transported to the titular kingdom. Once there, they spent most of the episodes trying to find their way home, helping their guide, the Dungeon Master.

    The characters included Hank, Ranger, Eric, Cavalier, Diana, Acrobat, Presto, Magician, Sheila, Thief, Bobby, Barbarian, Uni, Unicorn and Dungeon Master. I should note that Uni was actually voiced by Frank Welker, who is of course better known as the voice of Megatron in the original Transformers G1 cartoon.

    As in every cartoon of that time, you also had cool villains, such as Wenger, the Force of Evil, who was voiced by another famous Transformers graduate Peter Cullen. Other villains included Shadow Demon, Night Mare, and Tiamat, who was also voiced by Welker.

    The show developed without fans, but at that time also experienced a certain level of controversy due to what was perceived at the time as cruel for a children's cartoon. The show also never aired, this is the last episode of the third season, which was called "Requiem".

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    What an exciting cast! I want to collect all the figures, but as far as I know, they cost a lot of money, and collectors are actively buying them. But I must get at least one such figure for my collection. After all, I fell in love with the D&D universe back in 2016, when I was 12 years old, and I played everything in a row. I remember that I even quarreled with my parents because I played at night in D&D clubs with my friends and sometimes did not come home. Now my girlfriend also wants to start playing D&D with me, so I decided to show her a couple of guides on I hope she likes it, and we will continue to play together

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