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Thread: Free forex managed account services: 1-40% a month social experiment

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    Free forex managed account services: 1-40% a month social experiment

    I am currently participating in the social experiment at the Art of Non-Conformity [AONC], I am offering free private trading service for appx 1 month to the first 3 qualified people who request it. (normally $300/mo minimum). The coupon code are available on AONC blog post comments section (you must read through the comments and find the coupon code. It will be under the name "Jon Grah")

    Here are the rules:

    - You have a minimum of $800.00 USD, AUD, EUR to fund a forex trading account that uses 100 units minimum order size of base currency, and $8,000.00 to fund a forex trading account that uses 1000 units minimum order size of base currency with the broker.

    edit: check with your broker's account trading terms if you are unsure of the minimum order sizes allowed.

    - The trading account must offer 1:400 leverage minimum. Accounts with lower leverage may require greater starting capital. The account leverage must be consistent for every trading day, including overnight/weekend positions (you cannot have 1:1000 leverage some days, and then 1:200 leverage other days).

    - The broker must have metatrader 4 (mt4) and use Straight-Thru-Processing (STP/ECN) when accepting orders. Brokers that requote or delay order confirmations for more than 2 seconds from the original order fill/modifiy/close request are more difficult to work with.

    - A vps may be required at an additional fee if there is no room left on the server.

    - Funds will be traded until a pre-determined equity increase percentage is reached: 3% or for 21 calendar days, whichever comes first. Afterwards, a free skype consultation can be made for you to determine if the service or complete trading system is worth something to you.

    - I will be grated full trading access to the mt4 trading account only for the purposes of trading the account. I will not have access to financial information or any other private information related to the account (deposit/withdraws/ etc).

    No other trading can occur on this account during the management period.

    Gains of 2-20% or more a month are not uncommon, and drawdowns usually stay under 30%.

    To qualify for the free managed account, send a PM with the subject heading "social experiment"

    -Name/url of forex Broker
    - type of account (standard, mini, micro)
    - max open order restrictions
    - minimum lot size (or url link to the "trading terms" or "account types" page of broker)
    -amount willing to invest and currency (USD, AUD, EUR, etc)
    Your account must be funded within 24 hours of being selected, if it is not already funded.
    If you treat this as a legitimate business opportunity and not a game or HYIP, you may find the journey very rewarding.

    edit: You must have the coupon code at the time you make the request via PM. You can get the coupon code from the comments section of this AONC blog (social experiment) under the name Jon Grah.

    DO NOT POST THE COUPON CODE IN THIS THREAD or any other forum; immediate disqualification. Anyone who violates the other rules are also disqualified immediately.

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