Introducing Bitmex Mirror Trading Ė The most powerful approach for profitable trades on Bitmex Ė 👆You can see above a small demo of the Bitmex Mirror Trading feature

✍️Mirror Trading is a simple concept where all the Slave accounts are connected to a Master account. The operations performed on the Master account are automatically copied to the slave account with exact Buy, Sell, Close, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop and all the other strategies

♻️For Example:

If a Master account makes 240% Profit in a month, the same profit will be copied on your account which is the slave account

🔽Benefits of using Bitmex Mirror Trading Portal:

➕Only you have the complete access of your account

➕You just need to set the Trade Permission (ON) in your account (Slave Account) & Withdrawal (OFF)

➕All trades are executed with precise limit orders

➕Support help is provided by the best Traders in Crypto Community

➕You donít even need to have a Laptop/System or even VPS Ė If you have a normal smartphone to just register on Portal, thatís more than enough

🔽Here is the Elite Group Profit & Loss Meter for 2019 (Jan & Feb)

➕No of Trades = 70

➕Profitable Trades = 59

🛑Trades hit Stop loss = 11

🚀Profit Percentage = 3133%