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Thread: Getting back into photography- upgrade advice req!

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    Getting back into photography- upgrade advice req!

    10-15 years ago I was a very enthusiastic photographer. My last camera was a Canon 60d (bought new in 2010), which I recently dusted off and started taking out again. And now I have a photo error again!
    I'm looking at a more recent model - the obvious upgrade will probably be the 90d, but the mirrorless model seems to be a newcomer this quarter.
    I have a small selection of lenses (50mm 1.8, 30mm 1.4, 70-300mm and 18-200mm) that I think can be used on mirrorless canon models with an adapter.
    Does anyone have any advice on which way I should go with the update? I usually shoot urban scenes or wildlife, so the lightness of mirrorless seems appealing.

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    I don't like canon at all

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    Start with iPhone and different photography apps. Then decide whether you are still into photography or not

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    It seems to me that, in your case, a mirrorless Canon with a 1.4 lens will do. Look at the EOS R model. She is already about two years old, but she is pretty good at shooting the city and nature.
    You can also consider changing the lens. You may still change your mind in a couple of weeks and regret investing in the purchase of new equipment.
    My friend, who is an engagement photographer in Central Florida, told me about such cases. He saw many times how his friends were inspired by his work and bought expensive cameras for themselves. But then they scattered it after a couple of weeks.
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