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Thread: Tooth “pain” months after filling

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    Tooth “pain” months after filling

    I had a filling done about 5 months ago between two back molars. It was in an awkward spot, the dentist jokingly told me next time try to get a cavity in a better spot. He said it was pretty deep and it would probably be sore and sensitive for a little bit. And it was. It was never painful, but when I had something hot or cold I noticed it for the first month or so. Also when I flossed it felt not painful exactly but gave me like a pins and needle sensation when the floss touches the tooth surface. For the past month I’ve been thinking about that tooth. It doesn’t hurt, but it kind of feels weird again. Flossing gives me a little of the nails on a chalkboard sensation. I really was trying to hold off dealing with it until December 1 when my next check up is. Just wondering if anyone has had lingering issues after a cavity and what it ended up being. I probably need to call and see if I can get in sooner.

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    U need to visit the doctor!

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    Hi! I have been working as a dentist for several years, and I would advise you to call your dentist as soon as possible because he could have incorrectly installed the seal. Perhaps it is too high and poorly made. Recently I went to dental refresher courses, and we dealt with similar cases. Many dentists do not know how to do even the most ordinary things correctly, so I think that you need to go at least once every couple of years to improve your qualifications. Well, this is just my opinion. I just want to be an ideal specialist.

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