Karat weight is designated by a lot of points. There are 100 points in a karat. Thus, 50 factors can be half of a karat,formal dresses 2019 uk, etc. While you'll want to get the biggest potential diamond you may afford,cheap bridal dress online, dimension shouldn't be all the pieces if the diamond falls short when it comes to the opposite standards of clarity, minimize and color. The colour of the diamond also determines it is worth and quality. Coloration is designated by a letter grade. Essentially the most splendid coloration in a diamond, and obviously the most valued and expensive, is designated by the letter grade D. This is a nearly colorless or blue-white stone. The letter grade designations go from there all the way to the letter Z,wedding dresses online, which would be a very dark stone. When buying a diamond,cheap bridesmaid dresses online, you wish to come as near the colour grade D as you may probably afford. This provides you with the highest doable high quality of stone. Clearly, your funds will influence how closely you'll be able to do this. A diamond within the G, H color range can be considered a really stunning, white diamond.
Speak to Bill Teach yet again and he will ask you to repair the cannon. First take off the broken barrel then go down below and get a new one from the gun supplies. Use the barrel with the cannon and voila it is fixed.Now comes the fun part... Bill wants you to destroy their ship. Go below deck again and take out a fuse, a ramrod, and a canister. Go above deck and take some gunpowder out of the powder barrel. When you load the cannon make sure you load it properly or it will explode and you will have to repair it again.Once you injure their crew with the canister you must now fire three cannon balls to sink the ship once and for all. Go down below and take out at least three cannon balls and three fuses for this part. Now take three batches of powder out of the barrel and fire the cannon the same way you fired it before. Except use a cannon ball instead of a canister of course.


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