Bing Keeps Its Foot On The Gas, Adds Tweets To ResultsBing is something of a rarity for Microsoft these days: It?? a product that actually has good natural buzz. And for good reason too, it?? a solid product. For certain queries, it seems more useful than even, yes, Google. (And not just porn queries.) And Microsoft isn?? squandering away this opportunity, it?? keeping its foot on the gas, today attacking what is perceived to be Google?? weakness: Real-time search results.While that?? a little misleading ??Google actually does have plenty of data that gets into its system almost immediately ??what everyone seems to mean by real-time results these days is Twitter results. And that?? exactly what Bing is adding. Kind of. As it notes on its blog:Today we??e unveiling an initial foray into integrating more real time data into our search results,cheap shor, starting with some of the more prominent and prolific Twitterers from a variety of spheres.While Microsoft is still in the process of rolling this feature out, you can see what it will look in the image below featuring AllThingsD?? Kara Swisher (who also has some more details about the feature). Apparently, Bing will update these Twitter results every minute,wedding guest dresses 2019, reports the New York Times.But it?? important to note that Bing will not be crawling every tweet that runs through Twitter. Instead, it will focus on only those from people it deems important based on follower counts and volume of tweets.
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