Combining oil,Cheap wedding dress & bridal gowns under $100, acrylic,two piece prom dresses uk, and watercolor paints, Multicultural artist Yuliya Alagir paints pieces that shine with energy. Highly totemic and symbolic, Alagir's works appear almost like archaeological objects. Raised lines and symbols lend each composition a tangible quality, even as flat or subtly textured colors lie earthy beneath. The raised paint mingles with blending colors,cheap wedding dresses 2020, sometimes subtle and sometimes assertive, but always lending dimension and warmth. The result is a series of images that give the impression of having their own individual mythologies. In each work, organic colors play off of Yuliya Alagir's segmented,15543 (3), carefully rendered shapes, so that even in paint the works gain a natural, sculpted quality, as if crafted by bare human hands. Abstract, symbolic, and figurative forms intermingle, imbuing the work with layers of meaning and recognition in each painting. Yuliya references ancient, multicultural traditions in order to prompt self reflection from her viewers.
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