The Princess Cruise liner was launched way back in 1965 with a one-ship fleet which was entertaining guests traveling to Mexico. Today, the Princess Cruise lines boasts of more than 15 luxury liners which carry more than 800 thousand extremely pampered guests from the entire wide world, calling into some 260 plus ports globally. It is amazing today to see the immense reach, and hear about their impeccable service.
Like any person, I?m embarrassed by a lot of what I wore in high school. I look back in horror at the low-slung jeans and the layered tees. For what it?s worth, however, I got one thing right: My prom dress. I found it in a vintage store. It was a ?40s cut with a floral pattern on top and a floor-length, cream-colored skirt that hung straight. It was timeless and flattering and I probably should find a reason to re-wear it.
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