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Do you remember the foundation I had talked about earlier in this presentation? It was the bedrock upon which you would stand your ladder. But so many times people build upon sinking sand. As you climb your ladder of life,cheap prom dresses uk, the ladder simply disappears into the sinking sand beneath it. When you reach life's end,little black dresses for weddings, you find yourself on the same rung of the ladder as you started out with. Now that is not called progress. It is called disaster. The one thing that will drive your ladder into the sinking sand faster than anything else is the weight of regret. Regretting that you have done nothing with your time and opportunity up until this day of your life. Everything looks bleak and blah, no hope in sight. Ah, but there is hope. You can start again. All you have to do is move your ladder onto solid rock. And may I suggest to you that it is closer than you think. The bedrock could mean truth, integrity, hope, self worth, a right attitude,wedding guest dresses 2019, a positive outlook on life; a help to others and the list is endless. You can make your own list. Make sure it is a list of things that will withstand the storms of life and prove themselves to be faithful to those who will embrace them.

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