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    I am new to forex and am interested in learning Harmonics. I have a question about the figures in Harmonic patterns. Is there a tool in Metatrader4 that would help me identify patterns manually? For example if I look at a bullish Gartley on my cheat sheet how do I arrive at the figures shown such as X-B 0.618 or B-D 1.13-1.818.
    Is there a idiots guide somewhere that would help me learn this. Everything I have read to date doesn't explain this.
    I Know that I probably haven't posted this in the correct place so as a newcomer could I suggest that there be a section in the forum headed "Questions"

    Edit I have just found the info I needed on Babypips
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    1.You should be using the Fibonacci tool from MT4 (standard tool) to measure the swings and check the internal/external retracements. After doing it for some time (lets say 100 patterns) you r eye will be finding proper Gartley and other patterns without any extra tool (just by looking).
    2. with time you will start to know which ones to trade and which ones not.
    3. with time you will become lazy and you will like to use an automatic tool for spotting the harmonic patterns on different charts/different instruments (...or you will focus your trading career on 1-2 instruments only and for this manual measures will be fine).
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    Thanks for your help

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    google ZUP indicator for Metatrader, I think that is what you are searching.

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