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Thread: Trading Harmonic Patterns during the NEWS Time

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    Trading Harmonic Patterns during the NEWS Time

    Hi Guys,

    here is an example, what a 'Non-Farm Employment Change' news can do to Your trade:

    Generally, there are two common approaches to trading during the news time:

    1. We shouldn't trade during the news release (and some time after it), because it's like a toss of a coin: You never know, what the market would do then.
    2. We don't care about the news at all. Market would do what it wanted to do anyway. It just happens faster and more rapidly.

    What do you Guys think about it?

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    Dont care at all about news.

    I think that gartley has been completed on AB=CD, because he bounces of and reaches 38.2 fibo ret of pattern, so it was a winner, we should be on BE from then, next price comes back breaking our lvl and stop us. Now you depending on your trading style you trade negation of pattern and news is just naturall order

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    My idea is that trading during news relaeses is a good chance to gain some considerable profit. But you should't use the regular analysis. It is very easy. If the priced moved enough, it will keep moving. You just need to cach the opportunity.

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    I don't think that harmonic patterns is a good strategy to use during the news time. I'd say you need to close all the trades just before the release. The worst thing that even SL don't help to much sometimes. Because of the latency the price can jump considerably and you'll lose much more than you were estimating

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    Very nice, i like a lot that operation becouse we can do it the same and have a very good ROI
    i would like to know about comentarios comentarios my trade mm beocuse i read a lot and i find a good strategys for doing

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