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Thread: How to move an IMAP mailbox to a new server?

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    How to move an IMAP mailbox to a new server?

    EdbMails IMAP migration directly migrates mailboxes between IMAP enabled mail servers. It supports the migration of mailboxes from IMAP enabled servers like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail,, Zimbra Mail Server, Zoho Mail Server etc. It is an effective solution for the to get the successful results without losing a single bit of information.

    Filter Option: You can filter the data by email subject, message sent and received dates, attachment name, from and to address of an email. By setting these parameters you can migrate the required data.

    Maintain the Original data: The tool maintains the original folder hierarchy while migrating mailbox to new server.

    Compatibility: The tool is compatible with all Windows operating systems. You can download this IMAP migration tool on all versions of Windows OS.

    IMAP to live Exchange server migration: You can migrate source IMAP mailbox to designation live Exchange server directly. The application supports all the latest Exchange server versions like 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

    IMAP to Office 365 migration: Migrate all the IMAP mailboxes to destination Office 365 server seamlessly. The application automatically impersonates the Office 365 user for the migration.

    Mailbox Mapping: The tool automatically maps the mailboxes between the source and target server. It can also help to create mailboxes automatically on target servers. This automation saves a lot of your time and effort.

    Know More: IMAP migration to Office 365

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