"Being aware and respecting cultures is one of the biggest things when it comes to this," she said. "My intention was never to be racist, provocative or (to show) cultural appropriation. I was in fact showing my appreciation for the culture."Some took issue with a photo Daum shared of her and her friends bowing with their hands in prayer, a gesture they interpreted as racist. Daum has said that the gesture was actually a reference to a pose done by a popular YouTube comedian named Ethan Klein (who has since spoken up in support of Daum), and had nothing to do with her dress.Keziah Daum,prom dresses 2019 uk, prom dress, cultural appropriation.This group photo also sparked some criticism online.Michael TechmeyerMany people see no problem with what Daum wore to prom last month. In fact, some of her supporters are Asian, as The New York Times pointed out.
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