Hi guys, lately i have read a lot about shark pattern, it's also been implemented on ampmonitor range of patterns so i think it's a good thing to see how it work , this is a relatively new pattern, discovered by scott carney in 2001 (i will post the ebook when i'll have it )

This is what the Shark looks like.


In essence the Shark is an emerging 5-0 pattern that you trade from C to target D. (target D is not shown in the diagram above - it's at the confluence of AB=CD and 50% Fibonacci on the BC leg).

Following that trade, you then have an interesting sequence of possibilities for further trades.

Apart from being a tradeable pattern in its own right, the Shark can also lead onto 3 other subsequent patterns, which you have the possibility to trade one after the other.

Firstly, The Shark leads onto the 5-0 pattern. Here is the 5-0 pattern. You can see how the Shark relates to it. (Note that not all 5-0 patterns are preceded by a Shark though).

Shark Patterns-5-0-pattern.gif

The first target of the Shark is the D of a 5-0 pattern. And now with the 5-0 you have the possibility to enter a trade from the D in the opposite direction of your previous Shark trade.

Next, notice that the BCD of a 5-0 pattern often turns out to be the XAB of an emerging Bat or a Crab pattern (with B at 50% XA, it could turn out to be either a Bat or Crab).

So now we watch for the emerging Bat or Crab and if a C point is made - if so, then we have the possibility to enter a BAMM trade (trade from price at the B level to target the D of the emerging pattern). But we only enter the BAMM trade if it is in the direction of the prevailing overall trend. Do not trade a BAMM in the counter-trend direction.

Finally - whether or not the BAMM trade was taken, we now have the possibility to enter a new trade with the Bat or Crab pattern - if it has formed.

That's 4 possible trades all starting with the Shark.

Hope this guide will be of some help