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Thread: Problem with shopping cart / voucher

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    Problem with shopping cart / voucher

    I'm going to be contacting live chat next week sometime I guess (so goddamn irritating, 3 hours a day on M-F only, right in the middle of important work periods for me, not even over a lunch hour), however maybe someone else has had this happen:

    - I add a Maschine expansion to the cart
    - in the next screen I try to redeem my voucher on the checkout screen
    - I put in the code, but when clicking redeem, it reloads and goes to a page that says 'your shopping cart is empty, click here to continue shopping'
    - I click the shopping cart and it is indeed empty, however the reason it seems is that it has logged me out, because when I click on the 'head' profile button I need to login agan
    - after I login I see that the item is still in the cart

    There's basically no way to redeem it - it's a voucher in my e-vouchers page, it's still valid, and there's no error message. It just seems to log me out and say the cart is empty.

    Any ideas to fix?

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    Hey, I'm writing this two years after the topic was created and... I'm running into the same problem! Have any of you received an official response from Safari support? Of course, I can repeat my order on another browser, but that's not my problem! I can't figure out how to take this situation. Is this just a bug, or has the problem really not been worked on? I recently bought a site from, so maybe I don't need to manage it through Safari at all? Sorry for a possibly stupid question, but I want to keep my business as safe as possible from unnecessary complications.

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