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Thread: Insurance Questions

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    Insurance Questions

    I am curious how you guys handle your insurance. Mine is killing me. I just got a renewal questionnaire from my insurance company, and after talking to my representative, I have to fill this out every year now.

    Including specifically detailing everything I manufacture from raw materials.

    Insurance is by far my largest operating expense every year and I feel like it is becoming a noose around my neck. My premium went up 10% this year, over the 10% it went up last year.

    I see all kinds of guys on here posting about machining firearms, automotive, and aerospace parts, how do you guys afford insurance? Who do you have insurance through? Or do most people just bold faced lie about what they make?

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    I understand that the insurance process and the annual filling out of documents seem torture and useless expenses to you. However, many entrepreneurs have lost their businesses because they refused to pay insurance.
    If a force majeure situation occurs at the enterprise in the form of equipment breakdown, natural disaster, or robbery, only insurance will help you not to incur huge losses. I even insured my house on
    We never know what difficulties: economic, material, financial, tomorrow will bring us. We must be ready for anything.

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