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Thread: Problems with vision on the Blood Sugar Diet

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    Problems with vision on the Blood Sugar Diet

    Hi All
    I have started the blood sugar diet last week. Last year I did another diet which was very low in Carbs too and had the same problem.
    My issue is on both occasions, I do well on the diet, the weight is coming off, and I am getting used to the 800 calories, so all good, however, this week I have noticed that my eye sight has suddenly deteriorated quite considerably.
    I am finding that I need my reading glasses for distance and I am struggling to see when reading. As I said I had this problem last year on a low carb diet. I went to the optician, and discussed this, and indeed my eye test was significantly different to my prescription. In short as soon as I started eating carbs again, my eyesight and prescription returned to normal.
    I donít want to stop the diet or start eating carbs, just wondered if anyone else has had the same problems and if I continue with the diet will it correct itself in time?

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    No wonder your eyesight started to deteriorate gradually. The body is a whole system that immediately fails if it feels that something is not enough. Due to the small number of carbohydrates, your blood is not saturated with the necessary nutrients needed for vision, mental work, etc.
    I think there is a way out in this situation. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Once I wanted to become an optician, especially after reading the article But this is a rather complicated process, so choose a specialist carefully.
    You can try to do gymnastics to increase the number of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

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