Some test products of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber need to perform various high-temperature or low-temperature tests while maintaining the energized state to work normally. The test equipment manufacturer installs a test hole according to the customer's needs during the design. Of course, if customers have special requirements, the size and number of test holes can also be customized. The automobile environment simulation laboratory can simulate the test environment of engine cold start, automobile high and low temperature, wind, frost, rain, snow, vehicle emission test, etc. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber has a wide temperature control range.

It is suitable for the adaptability test of electrician, electronic products, components, and other materials under the comprehensive environment of temperature and humidity during storage, transportation and use. Used in product design, improvement, appraisal and inspection. Xenon lamp aging test box uses long arc xenon lamp as the light source, which can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated tests for scientific research, product development and quality control.

The test hole of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber should be sealed to prevent the loss of heat or cold in the studio. Generally, the test hole is opened on the left side of the studio. When the test product needs to be energized, open the test hole cover and remove the silicone rubber plug from the inside of the studio, dig a hole in the center of the silicone rubber plug that can pass the lead, penetrate the lead, and insert the silicone rubber plug into the test from the outside Hole, use the elasticity of the silicone rubber plug to seal the test hole and the lead hole. If the lead wire harness is thick, use other materials that can withstand the test temperature (such as silicone rubber strips, etc.) to seal the test hole and the hole of the lead wire harness.

When running the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, pay attention to the insulation of the test hole, otherwise, due to a momentary error, the entire test effect may be affected.

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