Leather friction tester industry development

The reason for the rapid development of the leather friction tester industry, is certainly inseparable from the improvement of the industry's production technology, with the overall level of China's instrumentation industry has greatly improved, leather friction tester has also been a huge development.

Various tester technology has also continued to make breakthroughs. Benefit from the deepening of the promotion of national policies, leather wear tester will have a relatively broad market. According to relevant statistics, in recent years, China's leather consumption growth rate has been rising year by year, the factory's production efficiency has also been greatly enhanced. The demand for leather testing instruments has increased naturally.

Leather friction tester use: This machine is suitable for the dyeing of leather or textile materials by friction after the damage and decolorization degree test.

Leather friction tester principle: the tester is dry or wet wool felt placed on the surface of the friction mallet, by a certain stroke and speed of reciprocal friction clamped on the friction table after a certain number of times, to assess the degree of damage and decolorization.

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