Advantages of corrosion resistant water ring vacuum pump

Corrosion resistant vacuum pump, in particular, is a kind of water ring vacuum pump with corrosion-resistant materials set on the surface or local parts of parts flowing through the fluid. It is suitable for compression, filtration, concentration, adsorption, cooling, reaction and other process units in chemical, metallurgical, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, paper-making, chemical fertilizer and other industries.

It has the characteristics of low cost, long life, relatively simple manufacturing process and high cost performance. The utility model integrates the advantages of several existing corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pumps. According to the different requirements of corrosion resistance of various flow passage parts, according to the principle of equal life and actual process conditions, the utility model adopts different corrosion resistance measures on the substrate made of cast iron, cast steel or carbon steel, so as to greatly improve the acid resistance, alkali resistance and other corrosion resistance properties, especially the service life when pumping corrosive gases It can work reliably within the specified maintenance period under the vacuum degree of 3kpa absolute pressure and water and air brush. The maintenance cycle is 0.5-2 years according to the working conditions of corrosive medium, temperature and pump speed. Under the same working conditions and service life, the cost is at least 1-5 times lower than that of stainless steel.

It can be used repeatedly and economically. When the corrosion-resistant lining layer of the utility model is aged and invalid, it can be repaired simply, economically and effectively. Since the substrate of the parts will not fail, the maintenance can be repeated.

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