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Thread: DaVinci Vs KorHarmonics(6.8.5)

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    DaVinci Vs KorHarmonics(6.8.5)

    Just a couple screen shots I took of EURAUD between the two programs:

    The DaVinci shows a bearish Gartely and a 3 drives bearish(having both patterns does that further verify the direction of the trade??) but the Korharmonics hasn't been able to draw them.
    I an very new to harmonic trading.
    Both are great programs but I think I'm getting more out of the DaVinci as it forces me to seek out the patterns.
    Any comments,opinions?
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    Hi, I've successfully integrated KorHarminics into my system and currently I'm remodeling my strategy and will soon officially add harmonics on my trading course and that way you'll begin to have more and more purchases coming from this part of the world, currently I'm using Scharf MTF Trend Cycle Indicator as part of my Entry Technique, I know you and the team have your own MTF Cycle Indicator that you use on your entry techniques and I was wondering if you and the team could give me an opportunity to have your MTF Cycles and test it against the Scharf MTF Trend Cycle and see if I could use yours on my system and ultimately on my trading course.

    I was also hoping if I could be given an opportunity to test the Davinci Indicator, I know that the Indicator has past testing stages however I would greatly appreciate it if I could be added into your list of beta users and I believe I could contribute greatly on the improvement of the indie as a beta user.

    Best Regards

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    WOW. Thanks a lot for sharing the post

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