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Thread: KorHarmonics Pattern Detection

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    KorHarmonics Pattern Detection

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to know how the detection of patterns work, for example, I like to to trade the C' leg and D' point of a Gartley Pattern but my version of the KorHarmonic's dectects the patttern only when price is around 5 pips before point D is formed. My question: is there a way to set up my Kor-Indicator so that potential patterns are detected from as early as Point C.

    This way I can get two great opportunitys Point 'C' called an aggressive C entry and Point D' where the whole pattern has completed...

    KorHarmonics Pattern Detection-capture.png

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    @MZX81: hi
    Please check the emerging functionality of korHarmonics that allows you to see the pattern ahead of time.

    Regarding trading at C, no, harmonic pattern is only valid when 5 points of the pattern x a b c d are formed. Trading from C is nothing to do with harmonics ... more with Fibo trading style.
    hope this helps.

    btw: in our DaVinci harmonic indicator you can define your own patterns, also 4 points patterns like in your case. So you could use it for analysis, but it does not do the full pattern recogniotion like korHarmoncis or
    here is the link to DaVinci: DaVinci - harmonic trading indicator for MT4
    Harmonics Tube - daily trading setups based on harmonic patterns
    Forex Harmonic Trading - Harmonic trading practical tips, tricks and hints
    AMPmonitor - harmonic and price patterns recognition Scanner that I use
    TradingArsenal Quiz project - best edu material regarding the Harmonic Patterns Trading

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