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Thread: News Indicator for mt4

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    News Indicator for mt4


    Was looking for something within mt4 so I can monitor news announcements because I was tired of visiting the usual websites for news and stumble across this one.

    Forex Indicator | FX Pulse - The fastest free Forex News Indicator!


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    I'd rather to use Forex News Gun software integrated in my Hotforex MT4 platform to stay tuned with latest economical and political reports. Though many of free news sites are lagging, publishing news after some minutes after their actual release, it is still reasonable to make profit on news-driven market movements. Just control slippage of your trades, cuz it also leaves an impact on your losses.

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    To me, I prefer following signal from exeprience trader or broker. I am not good at analysing and using indicator, I have tried Ichimoku and cannot get it

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    here's news indicator from ff, i always use this indicator while having my daily trade activity.
    here's what the indicator looks while attach on my armada markets platform (metatrader).
    News Indicator for mt4-news-indicator.jpg
    i also include indicator file, feel free to use and dont forget to tick "allow dll import" upon inserting indicator on your chart.

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    There will be a new Fx Pulse version available soon. At the moment it's only beta but it looks very promising.

    News Indicator for mt4-152hr0x.png

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    from what I know the FF calendar is most reliable. thanks guys.
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