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Thread: Best NOREPAINT indicators.

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    Best NOREPAINT indicators.

    Please post in this thread ONLY BEST (repaint and norepaint) indicators.
    My favorite:
    #MTF_ ###Gann_HiLo_Activator_v2###.mq4


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    A, A
    Hi vvalerya,
    I have heard this "REPAINT" several times already, and usually people use it with negative meaning. I do not think it's proper to think about repainting indicators any worse than the others.
    I think it's rather important what they repaint, how and what for.

    for example korHarmonics can be considered as repainting indicator, as it repaints the PRZ box. Note however that it does not repaint the price borders in this PRZ box, only time borders. So it's no harm.
    korHarmonics also repaints the patterns that failed, meaning leaving on the chart only successful patterns. Same is done by other indicators (maybe except AMP that draws also failed patterns on the chart). Anyway, the fact that korHarmonics removed failed patterns is also no harm as it's indicator for real-time use and removing failed patterns is very proper for real-time use of this indicator.
    so again, the fact that an indicator repaints does not mean necessarily bad. Another categorization that we could propose (separate thread) is leading and lagging indicators. Leading indicators like harmonic indicators or cycles or whatever can give you a signal (trend reversal/contination) ahead of time are very valuable, more than lagging indicators.
    just my 0.02$

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    I agree with you. korHarmonics good indicator. Indicators, which I suggest can be used with korHarmonics. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvalerya View Post
    Please post in this thread ONLY BEST NOREPAINT indicators.

    Thanks for sharing do you have any more information on Asym & MSH/MSL ?
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    Unfortunately, I have no information on them. Only by Google and intuition.

    1. Assymetry
    I use assimetry so. put on the schedule of multiple instances with different values ​​in different colors. If the asymmetry rises up and is preparing a trend. If the asymmetry is unfolding rapidly, a trend has begun.
    when different values ​​of the asymmetry rises sharply and then turns down, it means to be a strong trend

    For MSH_MSL I make arrows bigger
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