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Thread: Supply/Demand indicator based on Sam Seiden's Rules

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    I've been in the free trial webinars at PURE FINANCIAL ACADEMY, these guys trade Sam's method only using their own SD indicator called the PFA Zone indicator (it uses Ninjatrader, which is free and you can get free live data feeds for it for a month) The PFA zone indicator looks a lot like iisupdem, and i use both to confirm possible trades. I reccomend you check out the free trial - some of the rules they have brought to trading SD include:

    1. Every trade is taken with three entries, Trade 1 = 1:1 RR, Trade 2 = 3:1 RR, Trade 3 = 5:1 RR (i guess when 1:1 RR is hit, you set all stops to BE on the other trades) seems to work ok so far with me!
    2. A zone is ONLY VALID if price has moved away from the zone by THE WIDTH OF THE ZONE before returning, this seems to make sense also

    I'll submit more when i find out more!

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    This is just the type of stuff I'm looking for, thanks for taking the time to post up so much info. I'm going to start collating some of the rules in the first post as soon as I get some time. Your info looks like a great place to start.

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    @nopi and others:
    This is what II_SupDem indicator draws (just made 3 random screenshots). Nice and useful indicator, but lets check the quality of the zones indicated. Can you guys comment:
    - if the marked zones are correct? Which one is and which one is not?
    - which zones that are visible for the eye and in line with Sam Seiden teaching are not marked here

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    i' ve always tought that the supdem and IIsupdem indicators given the same s/d zone, it is not? in the screens they are quite different... is the II supdem better?

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    hmm the supdem indicators are very good in identifying pivot highs and lows w/c sam ses are pullbacks to previous levels. what the sup dem fails to capture is the drop pause drop/ rally pause rally levels. on the 1st picture after the 4th supply level from top there is a drop pause drop 4-5 candles there before price dropped. there is another 1 just below it but prices just broke above it.

    on the 2nd pic 5m chart there is a drop pause drop after the 2nd supply level w/c nicely worked price was dropping 1 candle pause then resume drop. there was another one below it but not so good for me profit margin-wise. there is another drop base drop level after the 3rd supply level from the top w/c price retraced to again. after retracing to the 2nd drop pause drop looking from left to right it made another drop pause drop this level still fresh. oh, almost missed it, notice that there is a DPD level after the 1st pivot high from the left where price nicely pulls back then resumes down move.

    if you take a look at pic 2 gbpusd 5m look at the DPD levels you can see why sam does not pay much attention to pivot highs and lows, the pivot highs and lows of the 5m down trend was created from pullbacks off the DPD levels preceeding it.

    hope that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by nopi240 View Post
    ... the pivot highs and lows of the 5m down trend was created from pullbacks off the DPD levels preceeding it.

    hope that helps
    That is an excellent point, Nopi. Intense!!!
    Everybody please read, think and understand it...on your own:-)

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    some thoughts

    I’ve been working my way through sam’s material for the past couple of months with the aim to start testing serious as of next week. This thread is ‘potentially’ great timing but I am still hesitant to get involved and watching eagerly to see if it is going to be of any value. So far it seems a bit random but I will keep watching and happy to get involved in this develops into something of value. Nopi has given some key core information that is a good base to develop from. I would add two points from the odds enhancers that I believe are also useful:

    - Is the ‘potential’ trade in line with the HTF trend? E.g if trading 15m chart what is the 1H trend
    - We are we sitting on the curve. Again if trading 15m chart we are we in relation to 4H SD zones

    Here is a zone i traded last night applying the rules noti has already supplied plus the two rules above.

    Supply/Demand indicator based on Sam Seiden's Rules-10-min.jpg

    Supply/Demand indicator based on Sam Seiden's Rules-1h.jpg

    Supply/Demand indicator based on Sam Seiden's Rules-4h.jpg

    I believe there are some challenges in producing something but that does not mean it is not possible as there are some very clear logic rules that can be applied. I would be happy to get involved in this thread but I am waiting to see if there is some clear structure to the core objective – producing an valid indicator. Some points to points that could add some structure:

    - Defining a subset pairs as a starting point to define a set of logic that allows contributors focus for input/discussion but also allows post zone analysis to help refine the logic for any indicator before applying to all available pairs.
    - Scope of project – is this used in conjunction with harmonics or is this a separate entity – below shows an ABCD also confirming the GBPJPY zone.

    Supply/Demand indicator based on Sam Seiden's Rules-harmonic-confirmartion.jpg

    There are many ways offered to trade zones, Sam offers solid education material but does not offer ‘a system’ as such. I will been keen to see if this thread develops into a place to take the core concepts plus a learning environment for those who get involved. There already seems to be some good ‘zone heads’ here. Here’s hoping this thread develops into a valuable source.


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    another example. DXY and EURUSD in opposing zones.

    Supply/Demand indicator based on Sam Seiden's Rules-eu.jpg

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    A, A
    Since Daveyj asked in his last post, here is couple of points to clarify my understanding of this Supply/Demand project. FridayStreet will probably update it tomorrow so we have even better picture (fyi: he volunteered for the programming part)

    1. We are not starting here from scratch, number of guys participating at TradingArsenal has already some experience with Sam Seiden’s techniques, many went thru collected materials, so I hope for good participation. What we want to achieve now is to remove as much as possible of subjectivity from this method and make it objective, with math/programming rules that can be applied to any chart.

    2. Objectivity can be achieved by working in parallel on method analysis/live examples and on the indicator (Paul volunteered for this part, but inputs from others are very welcome)

    3. TradingArsenal forum gathered already a lot of materials on Sam Seiden method --> Supply & Demand - by Sam Seiden, so it should be a prerequiste/starting point for anyone participating in this thread

    4. Very good idea, Daveyj, lets select couple of instruments where we could look closer at: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD to start with?

    5. II_SupDem is helpful but as nopi expressed it only presents the rally-base-drop and drop-base-rally. If I understand the logic well II_SupDem marks the top/bottom ZigZag candle – that’s it. And it’s not enough.

    6. Daveyj and Nopi as the first contributors to this thread, could suggest the structure of the thread and the way forward

    7. I am voting that this project runs initially in separation from harmonics or any other technique. We should focus on Sup/Dem levels only and we will think about joining it with other trading/system elements later in the future.

    8. We run in parallel several projects at TradingArsenal, different confirmation techniques. Supply Demand is one of them. Soon we want to start with VSA. Allows working in multiple teams, on elements of our interests. As the end we could combine the best outcomes from each project.
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    i have saved the level here and it looks like that the bigger picture came in action

    Supply/Demand indicator based on Sam Seiden's Rules-mar-20-2012-mon-audcad.jpg

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