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Thread: Faizumi FX System

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    Faizumi FX System

    Hi guys, in my restless search of making pips i ve come across this trading system, now, i really dont like them much, i think harmonic trading is one of the best method for trading, but i' ve read very good comment about this system over a year of testing, i'm testing it for a week (demo of course) and i ve done something like 450-500 pips... It's really impressive, i hope it will keep this pace . Of course you can add some other indicator for confirm, i personally have added fibo pivot, supply demand indicator and supertrend, you can find them in this section... Lets see this system now

    Faizumi FX System-faizumi-2012-2-1-17-10-50.png


    We test this trading system for three weeks, on picture above you can see last week signals. System produce 18 signals, 15 winners and 3 loser in 21 day, 1380+ pips total. Most traders use 4H and D1 time frames, but we are day traders so we trade most systems and strategies at 1H time frames. As usually we use very primitive entry rules (nothing fancy).

    Simple trading rules:
    Buy: When Goldminer, Sniper Trend and Bollinger Bands (chart indicator) are blue.
    Sell: When Goldminer, Sniper Trend and Bollinger Bands (chart indicator) are red.

    We strongly suggest you to trade on demo before you learn how to use it.

    Note: We don’t use “Kuskus_Starlight.mq4″ Indicators signal in this strategy.

    Faizumi fx Trading System - MT4 Indicators and Template.rar

    Unfortunately the template is missing so you have to add the indicators manually

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    I went ahead and setup everything - eliminated the Kuskus_Starlight indicator since we won't use it...

    I come up with a much simpler setup to follow the rules...

    Goldminer, Sniper Trend and BB. Setup the BB as you suggested for the H1 @ 16-2

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