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Thread: DaVinci Kiss customization

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    DaVinci Kiss customization

    Hi, I just tried DaVinci on AUD/ CHF 1hour chart and per my calculations there is a Bullish Crab on the chart. However, DaVinci does not recognize it, (or my drawing is wrong).
    I have also tried to add a custom pattern to DaVinciData.cvs (Custom Crab).
    Crab Custom, 0.3,0.62,0.3,0.9,2.618,3.618,1.618,clrDarkOliveGre en,BD1,CD1,ON
    The pattern is still not recognized and more likely I am doing it the wrong way.
    Could you please give an example on how the customization of pattern is done? The way I am doing it is by adding fibo levels followed by comma, ending up with 7 numbers.
    Lets say, for the Gartley. Following an ideal Gartley, and exemplification with a screen shot , the line on the data.cvs will be...
    I have also attached the screen shots for AUD/ CHF chartAttachment 4682Attachment 4683Attachment 4684DaVinci Kiss customization-dav1.jpgDaVinci Kiss customization-dav2.pngDaVinci Kiss customization-dav3.png

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    hi mate,
    ad1. the config file is customizable, so you can adjust the default values in the config file, if you would like this pattern fits your harmonic Crab pattern definition.
    ad2. regarding the custom pattern, the easist way would be to copy any of the current lines and modify it accordingly.

    for example the default DaVinci's Crab definition is:
    Crab,0.3,0.65,0.3,0.99,2,6,1.3,2.8,0,0,clrPaleViol etRed,clrDarkOliveGreen,BD1,CD1,ON

    and you can change it your version or whatever you like:
    CustomCrab,0.3,0.62,0.3,0.9,2,6,1.3,2.8,0,0,clrPal eVioletRed,clrDarkOliveGreen,BD1,CD1,ON

    your config line is too short.
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