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Thread: Why would I buy a website template when I could just copy the source code?

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    Why would I buy a website template when I could just copy the source code?

    There are many websites out there selling HTML templates to use for your own website. I’ve bought many web templates in the past, but it just dawned on me;

    Most of them offer full previews of the websites they are selling - essentially offering the product for free, since one can just use “View Source Code” and copy-paste the HTML, CSS, JS, et al. into their own program.

    I just tried it out myself with this theme from Themeforest 4 mobdro 3 and I was able to copy most of the site from the preview (some parts are a bit messy).

    My question is: are there functionalities that are impossible to get without buying the website, or is it all just essentially running on the honor system?

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    If you completely copy the design from a competitor's site, visitors to your resource can associate you with it. Even if you change the logo and specify your contact details, users will remember the corporate style of a competitor. And therefore they can buy from him next time.
    Even if you copy the design from a little-known company, buyers may confuse you. And the next time they compare several offers, they will most likely choose another company. It is most profitable to create your website and update it from time to time using the services

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