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Thread: What the heck is going on on this website?

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    What the heck is going on on this website?

    Hi all, been a subscriber since one could subscribe, been a fan since Gamespot days and Arrow pointing down etc, business funk days. Yo what up.

    Seriously, what is up these days? I dig the whole shows idea, I dig the new faces even though I miss the old crew (they're still around though, so that's cool). I really should be liking this a whole lot more than I actually do, because I don't think this website is even close to up to handle the new format. It's just an absolute mess of just... stuff? Reams of old and new things coexisting in a way that makes it look like Giant Bomb is just some weird gamer youtube of random shenanigans.

    I know it's not long ago that a major redesign was done, but it's necessary again. This thing needs a radical dose of simplify dat shit, because it's got about a dozen things too many going on right now for it to work as intended.

    Much love <3

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    It seems to me that oldfag speaks in you. Design trends and fashion continue to evolve every year. Resources that monitor their reputation and want to attract a new audience will strive for updates or improvements.
    It may be unusual for you at first, but you will realize that the new design has become unexpectedly convenient. When I ordered the redesign from for their blog, many users were also unwilling. But after a couple of months, the complaints stopped, and then the visits did not decrease.
    It would be best if you focused less on such things.

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