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Thread: My spouse and I live in the same house with her family

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    My spouse and I live in the same house with her family

    Hello everyone,

    I'm an student who was on F-1 visa (still valid). I met a US-citizen girl in my school. We dated for about 1 year and decided to get married. She is currently living with her family which includes her parents and an older sister, and she wanted me to move in to stay with her. I've read a lot of post saying that I should submit to USCIS of proof that she and I live together such as lease, utility bill,... but in this situation we are living with her family, and the lease and the utility bills are on her parents' names. So my question is : does it make a difference if she and I are the ones to sign the lease and pay the utility instead of the parents? If yes, should we transfer the lease to our names or should we move out and live separately? (by living with her parents we can save a lot of money which can be used for our future's expenses).

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    To be honest, living with my parents never appealed to me. If you consider yourself adults and independent people, you should live separately. You can find a good job, nowadays it's not that hard to do. And also, to save money, you can live together with friends or some other couple. But it's definitely better than depending on your parents and living at their expense. You should do more research on this type of cohabitation because the rules are slightly different. But the choice is yours anyway, but you wouldn't have any problems with documents, rent, bills, etc.

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