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Thread: Having kids while BOTH parents in med school/residency

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    Having kids while BOTH parents in med school/residency

    Hi all, I've tried to find a thread that addresses this particular scenario but haven't found anything yet. Quick rundown of the situation: my husband and I are both non-trad students. He will be starting a surgical residency at the same time that I am starting medical school. We are both in our early 30s and want to have biological children.

    The question is, is it in any way reasonable to start a family when we are BOTH in med school/residency? We will not be close to family during med school/residency, so the support system will be limited. He will obviously have an income so the finances aren't our main concern (though it will be tight). It's more the time commitment that a new child demands and deserves. Most posts I've seen talk about one of the parents being in school/res while the other works a more typical 9-5 or stays home with the kids. I'm curious what sort of experience people might have with this.

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    What are your plans for your career?

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    My opinion on this issue is categorical. I believe that if a person or a married couple does not have time to raise a child, you should not think about it. Family is a decision and a matter that requires attention, responsibility, and resources.
    However, if you want a child, you can contact an adoption agency. They are engaged to connect kids in need to find a good and friendly family for them.
    Thus, you will be able to help the child while passing the period of upbringing at a young age, when one hundred percent of your attention and strength are required.

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