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Thread: Cat introduction problematic, any tips?

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    Cat introduction problematic, any tips?

    Hi everyone,

    I have two female cats - a 4 year old house cat and a new bengal kitten that arrived 2 days ago. Our cat is now 4 years old doesn't accept the new kitten yet at all not even for a few seconds. The cats are now in different rooms and the older cat comes in very rarely to the door hisses extremely loud and leaves. My partner sleeps in the other room with the 4 year old cat and I stay with the kitten in the bedroom. Does anyone have any tips on how to ease the situation? We are very concerned of our older cat who doesn't leave her room and is feeling very upset :/.

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    Go to YouTube and look up Jackson Galaxy (How to introduce your cat to a new kitten). This will help you.

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    Unfortunately, I can't give specific advice because everyone has different situations, but I can share my experience. One summer, I moved in with my girlfriend with a cat when she already had a cat at that time, too. At first, they didn't get along and fought with each other.
    We didn't know what to do, because we had never encountered such a problem before.
    However, we decided to turn to a veterinarian who took these courses, for consultation. According to him, if you devote enough time to both cats, play with them in parallel and force them to eat together, they will gradually get used to each other.
    These tips helped us a lot, and after two weeks, the cats stopped fighting.

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