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Thread: TedX; Loving children sexually is natural

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    TedX; Loving children sexually is natural

    We have come to this, ladies and gentlemen.

    Liberalism, when pushed to its extreme, leads to immorality. Many individual decisions, or what people in general strive for, are interfering with both the moral good, and what is socially normative and acceptable. This liberalism is harmful for children and is harmful for society in general. Advocacy for pedophilia groups, and making it socially acceptable is not good for society. Extreme liberals won't understand this. Just as they don't understand that post natal abortions are immoral.

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    Nothing surprising here. Been saying it all along - years ago!

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    Let's drop the attachment to any political views. Are you not afraid of how diligently people are drawn to normalize all the disgusting movements, no matter what they concern? I can't call myself an intolerant person, but I am sometimes frightened by the pace of advancement of what is now called tolerance. Well, now we have lived up to the time when children can be beaten and treated as sexual objects. All these points of view have their supporters. And the worst thing is to hear the experience of children who have gone through all this. I have spoken to various families who have participated in the program. The blood in your veins freezes when you hear stories about which families children are taken from. Alcoholic parents are the most harmless case.

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