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Thread: Gotta love Instagram

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    Gotta love Instagram

    How come?
    I started to follow an individual on the site.
    Not sure how I started following her, but I did.
    May have been half asleep and clicked OK to follow me.
    Commented on a photo.
    1st it was the hi back and forth on IM
    Just the being a polite person, don't want to be a snob.
    Next came do you have a certain app on my phone called whatsapp.
    There is flag one that there was a problem, app I never heard of at all.
    Never been any local news stories about issues with app good or bad.
    Did not download after all the privacy issues while reviewing app.
    Next time I go to site, she puts her number in a im message and wants that lovely Amazon card trick to pay for a bill for past due internet.
    Block, goodbye.
    Lesson learned.
    Don't click OK if half asleep for any individual.
    I tend to be too careful on invites as a whole on SM accounts.

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    Could change the title to 'Gotta love internet'

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    The whole Internet space is one big open box that anyone can get into and take anything they want. It's impossible to hide anything on the Internet. That is what modern scammers take advantage of it. Unfortunately, as security systems improve, so do the skills of the scammers. It is a natural process that no one will ever stop. The biggest problem today is the theft of copyrighted content. Someone can make good money by uploading your twitch to tiktok. So I advise you to permanently mark your videos with a watermark and forget that your data security is paramount.

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