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Thread: Simple and Secure IMAP migration Software.

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    Simple and Secure IMAP migration Software.

    EdbMails IMAP migration is a simple and secured solution to migrate mailboxes from IMAP enabled email servers. It supports the migration from email clients like - Yahoo, Gmail/G Suite, Hotmail, Yandex, AOL,, and more.


    Data protection:

    EdbMails ensures safe migration and it doesnt alter the source IMAP server data during the migration. All the credentials which are entered during migration will be securely encrypted.

    Supports different languages:

    EdbMails supports different languages for the migration. It supports Non-English unicode characters and special characters as well.

    Include/Exclude Filter option:
    Users can filter the data based on After and Before date, Subject, Attachment, To and From address.etc to migrate the specific data as per the requirement.

    Zero downtime:
    Users can access their mailboxes any time even when the migration process is running. It will ensure zero downtime during the migration process.

    Incremental Migration:
    Ensures only the newly added items are migrated from source IMAP to your destination server. It avoids duplicate item migration during repeated or re-migration operation on the same computer.

    Know More: IMAP migration Office 365

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    IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool facilitates direct migration of mailboxes from one IMAP Server to another. With all attachments, IMAP emails are migrated from one account to another. Only correct login details of both IMAP accounts are needed to migrate mailboxes. The program offers date-range filters to migrate desired data by providing starting & ending date. In a few minutes, data is migrated between IMAP Servers with this professionally advanced application. There is complete migration of all email folders from one IMAP account to another IMAP account without any hassles.

    More info:- Mail Migration Software

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    Using this single tool, users can easily transfer emails between IMAP Server accounts. WholeClear Mail Migration Tool for instant and safe migration of one cloud emails to another cloud. By providing correct login details of both cloud accounts, the data can be simply transferred between two cloud accounts without any data losses. No harm to a single file meanwhile the migration. IMAP Migration Tool can easily migrate data of all cloud accounts that include business email ids as well. Read more :-

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