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Thread: User friendly Exchange Migration tool

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    User friendly Exchange Migration tool

    EdbMails offers a perfect Exchange migration solution which makes the migration task simpler and easier. No need to intervene with the various commands to perform the migration process. The software supports all the latest Exchange versions. You can also migrate Public folders, Archive mailboxes and shared mailboxes between the source and the target servers.

    EdbMails is the best software to facilitate the Exchange public folder migration easily. Just connect the source and target server with the proper credentials

    Supported scenarios:

    Exchange to Exchange server migration
    Exchange to Office 365 migration
    Exchange public folder to Exchange migration
    Exchange public folder to Exchange public folder migration
    Exchange public folder migration to Office 365
    Exchange public folder migration to Office 365 public folder
    Exchange public folders to shared mailboxes migration
    Exchange public folders to Outlook PST
    Hosted Exchange migration

    Fast, flexible, simple and secured Exchange public folder migration.
    Effortlessly migrate public folders contacts, calendar items, messages or notes.
    Offers the incremental public folder migration in order to avoid duplicates on target server.
    Performs the migration with zero downtime
    The tool maps the mailboxes between source and target servers automatically. It can also help to create mailboxes automatically on target servers. This automation saves a lot of your time and effort.

    Know More: exchange 2010 migration to office 365

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