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Copper ammonium carbonate is an inorganic fungicide primarily utilized for wood treatment and in copper tolerant crops such as wheat, tomato, barley, sugarbeets, cherries, carrots, strawberries, almonds, apples, lettuce and bananas among several others. The fungicide is available in aqueous solution formulation in the market. Copper Ammonium Carbonate fungicide is utilized as a broad spectrum fungicide employed against eyespot,LJMC® copper bending machine cnc copper busbar machine, early leaf spots (Mycosphaerella arachidis), Fusarium spp., net blotches, phoma leaf spots, powdery mildew, Septoria nodorum, Rhynchosporium secalis, Sclerotium rolfsii, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Septoria tritici, rust and tan spots. Copper ammonium carbonate fungicide is phytotoxic in nature and must be employed after dilution with water. Copper ammonium carbonate fungicide is applied through seed treatment or foliar application. It is a systemic fungicide that acts as a curative, preventive as well as eradicative solution. Copper ammonium carbonate fungicide after being absorbed moves to the target fungal cells and interferes with sterol synthesis leading to membrane disruption of the target pathogen. Copper ammonium carbonate fungicide is toxic to aquatic flora and LJMC&cncbusbarmachinesupplybest2020 Our company mainly for CNC busbar punching and cutting machine ,CNC busbar bending machines,CNC busbar milling machines,CNC turrent busbar processing machine,busbar levelling machines etc.CNC busdust connection busbar processing line,copper punching machine,CNC busbar sawing machine,CNC busbar bending press,CNC riveting machine.Products are widely With advanced management experience, strong technical force and strong sales network.After more than ten years of development,copper punching machine, we actively advocate: take the market as the guidance, to a scientific research, by ways of innovation, actively explore the domestic and foreign markets, has now become one of biggest busbar processing equipment specializing in the production of domestic enterprises.The company has more than 70 workers, and has obtained many patent certificates and high-tech product certificates for many years.Sales staff, sales official staff, and after-sales service commissioner each nine people, implement a (sale) for a (sales offcial ) for a (after sale) marketing model, the maximum extent to ensure the user consultancy before bought, E-mail : contract execution,after sale installation and debugging and spare parts supply for machines and Whatsapp:+86 13853146766 so on. used in high and low voltage complete sets, switch cabinet,box substation,transformer,busbar duct line etc. has low bio-accumulation potential. The material becomes Our company are with welding workshop,assembly workshop,mould workshop at same time.Honesty comes first,Innovation development .Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers checking our company, visiting and technical exchanging, and would like to join hands with you to create a better future together. toxic over acute exposure on regular basis to animals. Prolonged exposure may cause skin and eye irritation in humans.

Electricity plays an important role in our lives. Without it our whole life can become dark and gloomy. Earlier, electrical supplies like switches and sockets, bulbs, fans etc. were judged on the parameters of utility only but things have changed now. Nowadays, home décor have become such an important issue that people have started looking for style and sophistication in electrical supplies also. In order to cater to the different demands of the homeowners, several innovations and inventions has taken place in the field of the electrical supplies. Nowadays, you can even shop for the electrical supplies for your home that meshes well with its interior décor and add to its beauty. If you want to buy switches and sockets that are both stylish and good in utility, you can shop around for them in the online markets too.
After knowing the types of fires, we can go out in the market and purchase suitable fire extinguishers, with the ratings A, B and C. A dry chemical fire extinguisher is a multi-purpose extinguisher, which is good to be used in the houses and is cheap too. It is good for all the three classes of fires and consists of mono- Ammonium Phosphate base dry powder. There is another type of fire extinguisher also,China Busb, but it can be used Shandong Lijian Cnc Machinery Co.,Ltd is built in the year of 2003.with independent legal person qualification.Area covered over 13000 square with area of structure 10000 square,now with processing equipments more than 50 sets.including CNC machining center,CNC lathe,CNC milling machine,large radial drilling machine,large surface grinder,line cutting.The factory is focus on the development and production for electric power and electrical equipments.The products are sold all over more than 20 provinces ,cities, autonomous region and municipality.We have exported to Russia,the Philippines,India,South Korea,Myanmar,Laos,Vietnam,Kazakhstan,Philippines, Cambodia,Canada,Austrlia etc. for B and C class-type of fires; it comprises of sodium or potassium bicarbonate dry powder.