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Thread: Trading Arsenal Projects Overview

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    Trading Arsenal Projects Overview

    Dear Users,

    In a constant effort to keep our community up to date with the latest happenings on the Trading Arsenal Projects front, we are pleased to announce a new thread where you will find the latest information about the current projects under development. If you would like to participate in any of these projects, please contact us via email or post directly in the respective thread. We look forward to hearing from you and incorporating your creative ideas!

    List of our current projects:

    1. korHarmonics indicator
    Free indicator for automatic recognition of harmonic and price patterns on any instrument and timeframe supported by MT4 platform. Latest public version 6.7.13 is available here.

    Note: Due to illegal selling of pirated versions, we stopped offering newer versions to the public.

    2. AMP indicator
    Most powerful pattern recognition indicator for MT4 platform which boasts of an advanced search engine, fully configurable patterns and built in confirmation methods provided by professional harmonic traders.
    It has not been released to the public, but you can “use it” via AMPmonitor website.

    Dedicated thread is located here.

    3. AMPmonitor
    AMPMonitor is a powerful web based platform that scans and alerts you on the price patterns and harmonic trading opportunities. AMPMonitor is built on AMP indicator engine. It searches for the most symmetrical and strongest setups, and then applies proprietary confirmation techniques and filters leaving you with a list of patterns which have the highest probability of success.
    We believe that there has not been such an advanced and user friendly software platform to search for harmonic patterns in the market until now.

    More on AMPmonitor here.

    4. 121 indicator + 121 EA
    Project run by TradingArsenal community, focused on creation of an indicator and EA (expert advisor) for trading the powerful 121 pattern. Team work, knowledge and trading experience come together to build a professional and profitable tool. Everyone is welcome to contribute. Regularly updated indicator and EA are available for free download here.

    5. Sam Seiden’s Supply/demand method
    Another project run by TradingArsenal community focused on creation of indicator that successfully recognizes and draws the supply/demand zones. Sam Seiden method is at the core of this indicator but all experience in Supply/Demand area is welcome.

    Please check out this dedicated thread for more information.

    6. Price reversals methods (Michael Parsons)
    Followers of Michael Parsons works (Channel Surfing, Reversal Magic, Balance Point) cooperate to master the method. Extensive input and screenshots explaining this successful trading method is discussed in this thread.

    7. FOREX harmonic trading BLOG: This blog will be updated regularly and will focus on presenting harmonic trading and harmonic patterns together with practical tips / tricks / hints to trade patterns like Gartley, Bat, Butterfly, Crab and 121 successfully. Lots of methods illustrated with detailed examples.

    8. Harmonic Tube BLOG:
    Harmonic opportunities provided by the BLOG contributors.

    9. Trade Gartley pattern BLOG: details how to trade the Gartley pattern successfully.

    10. Upcoming projects:
    Murray Math
    Harmonic Trading Quiz
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