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Thread: Your suggestions of changes & improvements

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    Your suggestions of changes & improvements

    Hello Guys,

    this thread is created for those of You, who have creative minds and have some good ideas, how can we even more improve our projects on

    Please post Your opinions and proposals of changes and improvements, like for example: adding webinars and liverooms, changing logo, making new web desing for the forum website, etc.

    We not only encourage You to post ideas, but also to participate in bringing them into live. Anyone who will do an effort and help us to develop our projects, will be granted with a free access to the full version of AMPmonitor, when it's finally finished and released.

    Trading Arsenal Team

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    Hi admin, when you say adding webinars, you mean adding the links to the webinars here? like this: ?

    Derek Frey was key speaker at the International Traders Conference in October 2008 - Barcelona.

    Derek Frey has been trading forex and futures for almost 20 years. He has done everything from Financial planning with MetLife to being head trader of a number of firms including his own. He is quoted regularly in the Wall Street Journal, the National Post, Reuters, and other publications. He is also a sought after speaker at many trading conferences. He is now the Senior Market Strategist at, where he runs a daily forex trading room and signal service as well as being the senior trading instructor for the FOREX TRAINING PRO course. His approach to the markets is unique in that he incorporates parts of Physics, Chaos theory, and gaming theory into his overall trading method.

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    A, A
    no, we meant to prepare our own webinars.

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    Some Help Needed PLease

    I downloaded the free software for harmonic patterns and cant get it to work. Was wondering if it conflicts with other harmonic software?
    Would appreciate any help. Also I have trained for more than 2 years with harmonics and feel I have much to offer in the trading techniques
    and would be more than glad to share my experiences.

    Thank you!
    Bill C

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