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Thread: Books & articles about the butterfly pattern

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    Books & articles about the butterfly pattern

    Butterfly pattern is usually presented together with the Gartley pattern, as both have lots in common and both are considered the BEST tradable harmonic and price patterns.

    Therefore please check first the list of the Books about the Gartley pattern -> Books on the Gartley pattern

    If you are aware about any other good books covering the topic of Butterfly and/or Gartley (and/or Harmonic Trading) pattern please let the users of this Forum know. Thanks!

    One additional and we think important comment.
    Although there are several books covering or mentioning the butterfly pattern, for some reason they all have something in common-incompleteness and main focus on swing ratios. They all describe and focus on the Fibonacci relationships mainly, the importance of point B and D points, whereas we believe that the power of the butterfly pattern is not related with Fibonacci so much (if not, at all). True, the internal structure of this pattern is important, and location of point B around 78.6 helps, but the power of this pattern comes mainly from its location on the chart, from its entry capability - before the new trend or impulse swing happens. We hope all this will be well explained in the butterfly related chapters.

    For more info about Butterfly pattern and the confirmation methods see -> Butterfly pattern - table of content
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