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Thread: Confirmation Techniques for the Butterfly pattern: VSA (Volume Spread Analysis)

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    Confirmation Techniques for the Butterfly pattern: VSA (Volume Spread Analysis)

    for VSA Volume Spread Analysis MT4 indicators check -> VSA - Volume Spread Analysis
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    Lightbulb Bearish Butterfly Confirmation using the Better Volume inidcator for MT4

    This is how I have been using better volume to confirm entry on the butterfly pattern. I hope to get better examples in the future but this gives you a good idea.

    Confirmation Techniques for the Butterfly pattern: VSA (Volume Spread Analysis)-untitled-37.jpg

    You will see here as price approaches point D of the pattern that we have Red Volume Climax bars ( High Range and Volume ) is it then followed by a Yellow Low Volume Bar confirming that the market is running out of steam.

    I use the break of TMG Bands, the low volume bar (Yellow) after the high climax bar (Red) along with the trix cycle indicator to confirm the move.

    IMPORTANT!!!!!! - The Red high climax bars can also mean and uptrend continuation so please always wait for the yellow bar / or push down to confirm that the market it running out of steam along with your other confirmation methods


    Here are the MT4 indicators and instructions ....

    BetterVolume 1.4 - With Email.mq4
    BetterVolume ChartBars part1 1.4.mq4
    BetterVolume ChartBars part2 1.4.mq4

    Here is a Youtube Video for those who don't fancy reading.

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    hey Sam! I use a chart a little bit less "complicated", but your chart is interesting.. I was reading a manual about vsa, and.. yes, I thought to use it as harmonic confirmation method and.. bam, I read you here

    if you have a couple of chart screenshot about your trades using vsa with harmonic, I will be happy to talk about it here

    but above all, in your experience, does it repaint?
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    (in Polish) webinar how Volume confirms market turns for the Butterfly type of price patterns:

    Harmonics Tube - daily trading setups based on harmonic patterns
    Forex Harmonic Trading - Harmonic trading practical tips, tricks and hints
    AMPmonitor - harmonic and price patterns recognition Scanner that I use
    TradingArsenal Quiz project - best edu material regarding the Harmonic Patterns Trading

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