Gann trading - market turns timing - price projection

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by , 11-14-2012 at 06:19 PM (8887 Views)
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Failed or not failed harmonic pattern depends on the size of SL and TP. This means depends how you trade harmonics and where you position your SL and TP.
Also, failed pattern does not necessary mean lost money or lost opportunity. You can for example check this thread -> Trading Gartley negation where trading failed Gartley pattern concept is presented.

This means I am not able to easily explain/answer to your "that harmonic patterns are not RELIABLE". For me they are very reliable and price patterns is my favourite and best method of trading.

Harmonic patterns can be confirmed in different ways. Check table of contents thread for Gartley, Bat, Butterfly, 121 to see different confirmations we consider (link to Gartley pattern ToC: Gartley pattern - table of content )

Anyway, what we are trying here is to investigate Gann techniques and validate how Gann trading methods can be combined with harmonic trading. Gann methods predict market turns timing and price levels when it happens. Seems to be ideal to combine it with identification of the D point for the harmonic patterns.
hope it explains a bit
You are very kind to share us the links mentioned in your post. They are going to be very helpful to improve our skills on Harmonic Trading. I am newbabie on trading and may be I cannot do significant inputs on this research but, please, dont leave me out of this thread when it be private. I want to see how the research develops into a combined strategy. I am sure yours are going to beat high. Thanks very much.

Note: I traded D point (nice doji) of the USDCHFs butterfly using AMPMonitor signal (H4). 50 pips until now. I hope price reachs TP1.
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