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Thread: Participation on the Forum - common benefits

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    Participation on the Forum - common benefits

    We, at Trading Arsenal, are working currently on couple of trading / forex projects. AMP indicator, korHarmonics,, best harmonics confirmations, supply/demand indicator, MT4 TradeManager, harmonic trading strategies knowledge base and Trading Arsenal Forum are the major ones, but still not all of our initiatives :-)

    We hope that fresh content and growing knowledge base on will attract more and more geometry and harmonic traders to join our community, to participate, share knowledge and experience, and learn together with us.
    Anyone interested to participate in building the TradingArsenal Forum so it better fits our - traders needs, is very welcome to join.
    We come all from different backgrounds and have different skills. Feel free to suggest how you can help TradingArsenal to grow. In response you are getting access to our experience and tools.

    Anyone is free to suggest her/his own way of participation, couple of examples below:

    1. graphic designers and webmasters who would wish to suggest and improve the visual aspect of and webpages

    2. traders who would like to share their trading experience and results

    3. traders that would like to run their journals on forum

    4. mq4 programmers with knowledge about creating .dll and securing MT4 indicators

    5. experienced useres of vBulletin who can give us some ideas about interesting features to add to our forum, to make it even better

    If You would like to participate in our projects, please contact us via email:
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