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Thread: AMP functionality in regards to indices

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    AMP functionality in regards to indices

    I've only recently stumbled upon harmonic trading and this website and so far I am really enjoying using your products to get into this whole harmonic pattern thing
    I reall appreciate your work around here. It's an awesome read and your tools look very promising. keep up the good work, guys!

    It just so happens, that aside from forex trading I also am trading a CFD demo account, focusing on INDICES, mainly Germany30 and US30.
    So here comes my question:
    Is functioning properly for DAX30? I see there is the possibility to select pattern recognition for it, but right now with my trial account there are no notifications. So if I chose to pay for a 30 day subscription for DAX30, will it work properly or is it still under heavy construction?

    thanks in advance for any and all responses!

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    FYI: AMPmonitor is updated now with AMP version 11.
    - patterns tuning
    - PRZ improvements
    - fixed for graphical objects
    - added News functionality (news taken on weekly basis from Forex Factory). See vertical lines on the charts, where orange is medium priority and red is high priority. This functionality to be still enhanced/improved with the next upgrade.

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    Any instrument available on MT4 platform can be added for monitoring. Yes, AMPmonitor is still under improvements and fixes. We have a pipeline of functionalities that we want to add with time.

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