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Thread: AMP indicator - bugs & improvements

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    Hi kor, i like the idea of having a little description of the news in the chart, this way every time i look at it i have a reminder of possible news, but i also like a clean chart, with pivots clearly visible and nothing more... Maybe if we can mantain the description with less lines as possible, like

    "Name of the news

    the name of the news could be in different colors, depending on the importance... also if we decide to make it appear 15 or 30 minute before the news there will be no need of countdown, as we already know that the news will be released 15 - 30 minute after...

    some example here:

    Or eventually in Pattern details you could add another windows with upcoming news on the right side of the monitor?

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    Ciao Antonio, l' unico modo per poter usare l' AMP quello di pagare le quote mensili per ogni coppia di monete che vuoi seguire, quindi se segui solo eur/usd ad esempio, devi pagare 5$ al mese e sul sito puoi seguire le varie pattern che si susseguono per quella coppia... OK? Non esiste altro modo per adesso

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    the first version of Fundamental News functionality was added to AMP indicator and is now in the testing environment of AMPmonitor.
    At this moment medium and high news are displayed on the chart, but i think we will remove the medium priority news leaving just High news.

    22-04-2012;Day 3;ALL;Low Impact Expected;IMF Meetings
    22-04-2012;9:30pm;AUD;High Impact Expected;PPI q/q
    22-04-2012;10:30pm;CNY;High Impact Expected;HSBC Flash Manufacturing PMI
    23-04-2012;3:00am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;French Flash Manufacturing PMI
    23-04-2012;3:00am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;French Flash Services PMI
    23-04-2012;3:30am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;German Flash Manufacturing PMI
    23-04-2012;3:30am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;German Flash Services PMI
    23-04-2012;4:00am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;Flash Manufacturing PMI
    23-04-2012;4:00am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;Flash Services PMI
    23-04-2012;5:00am;GBP;Medium Impact Expected;MPC Member Fisher Speaks
    23-04-2012;8:30am;CAD;Medium Impact Expected;Wholesale Sales m/m
    23-04-2012; 6:45pm;NZD;Low Impact Expected;Visitor Arrivals m/m
    23-04-2012;7:50pm;JPY;Low Impact Expected;CSPI y/y
    23-04-2012;9:30pm;AUD;High Impact Expected;CPI q/q
    23-04-2012;9:30pm;AUD;Medium Impact Expected;Trimmed Mean CPI q/q
    23-04-2012;10:00pm;CNY;Low Impact Expected;CB Leading Index m/m
    23-04-2012;11:00pm;NZD;Low Impact Expected;Credit Card Spending y/y
    24-04-2012;2:00am;CHF;Medium Impact Expected;Trade Balance
    24-04-2012;2:00am;CHF;Low Impact Expected;UBS Consumption Indicator
    24-04-2012;4:30am;GBP;High Impact Expected;Public Sector Net Borrowing
    24-04-2012;5:00am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;Industrial New Orders m/m
    24-04-2012;8:30am;CAD;High Impact Expected;Core Retail Sales m/m
    24-04-2012;8:30am;CAD;Medium Impact Expected;Retail Sales m/m
    24-04-2012;9:00am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;Belgium NBB Business Climate
    24-04-2012;9:00am;USD;Medium Impact Expected;S&P/CS Composite-20 HPI y/y
    24-04-2012;10:00am;USD;High Impact Expected;CB Consumer Confidence
    24-04-2012;10:00am;USD;High Impact Expected;New Home Sales
    24-04-2012;10:00am;USD;Low Impact Expected;OFHEO HPI m/m
    24-04-2012;10:00am;USD;Low Impact Expected;Richmond Manufacturing Index
    24-04-2012;3:30pm;CAD;High Impact Expected;BOC Gov Carney Speaks
    24-04-2012;All Day;NZD;Non-Economic;Bank Holiday
    24-04-2012;All Day;AUD;Non-Economic;Bank Holiday
    25-04-2012;All Day;EUR;Non-Economic;Italian Bank Holiday
    25-04-2012;3:00am;EUR;High Impact Expected;ECB President Draghi Speaks
    25-04-2012;4:30am;GBP;High Impact Expected;Prelim GDP q/q
    25-04-2012;4:30am;GBP;Low Impact Expected;Index of Services 3m/3m
    25-04-2012;Tentative;EUR;Low Impact Expected;German 30-y Bond Auction
    25-04-2012;6:00am;GBP;Medium Impact Expected;CBI Industrial Order Expectations
    25-04-2012;8:30am;USD;High Impact Expected;Core Durable Goods Orders m/m
    25-04-2012;8:30am;USD;Medium Impact Expected;Durable Goods Orders m/m
    25-04-2012;10:30am;USD;Medium Impact Expected;Crude Oil Inventories
    25-04-2012;12:30pm;USD;High Impact Expected;FOMC Statement
    25-04-2012;12:30pm;USD;Medium Impact Expected;Federal Funds Rate
    25-04-2012;2:00pm;USD;High Impact Expected;FOMC Economic Projections
    25-04-2012;2:15pm;USD;High Impact Expected;FOMC Press Conference
    25-04-2012;4:15pm;CAD;High Impact Expected;BOC Gov Carney Speaks
    25-04-2012;5:00pm;NZD;High Impact Expected;Official Cash Rate
    25-04-2012;5:00pm;NZD;High Impact Expected;RBNZ Rate Statement
    25-04-2012;5:15pm;USD;Medium Impact Expected;Treasury Sec Geithner Speaks
    25-04-2012;Tentative;GBP;Medium Impact Expected;Nationwide Consumer Confidence
    25-04-2012;8:00pm;AUD;Medium Impact Expected;CB Leading Index m/m
    26-04-2012;12:30am;JPY;Low Impact Expected;All Industries Activity m/m
    26-04-2012;All Day;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;German Prelim CPI m/m
    26-04-2012;4:30am;GBP;Medium Impact Expected;BBA Mortgage Approvals
    26-04-2012;6:00am;GBP;Medium Impact Expected;CBI Realized Sales
    26-04-2012;8:30am;USD;High Impact Expected;Unemployment Claims
    26-04-2012;10:00am;USD;High Impact Expected;Pending Home Sales m/m
    26-04-2012;10:30am;USD;Low Impact Expected;Natural Gas Storage
    26-04-2012;7:01pm;GBP;Medium Impact Expected;GfK Consumer Confidence
    26-04-2012;7:30pm;JPY;Medium Impact Expected;Household Spending y/y
    26-04-2012;7:30pm;JPY;Medium Impact Expected;Tokyo Core CPI y/y
    26-04-2012;7:30pm;JPY;Low Impact Expected;National Core CPI y/y
    26-04-2012;7:30pm;JPY;Low Impact Expected;Unemployment Rate
    26-04-2012;7:50pm;JPY;Medium Impact Expected;Prelim Industrial Production m/m
    26-04-2012;7:50pm;JPY;Medium Impact Expected;Retail Sales y/y
    26-04-2012;Tentative;JPY;High Impact Expected;Monetary Policy Statement
    26-04-2012;Tentative;JPY;High Impact Expected;Overnight Call Rate
    27-04-2012;1:00am;JPY;Low Impact Expected;Housing Starts y/y
    27-04-2012;2:00am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;GfK German Consumer Climate
    27-04-2012;2:00am;EUR;Low Impact Expected;German Import Prices m/m
    27-04-2012;27th-30th;GBP;Medium Impact Expected;Nationwide HPI m/m
    27-04-2012;2:00am;JPY;Medium Impact Expected;BOJ Outlook Report
    27-04-2012;Tentative;JPY;High Impact Expected;BOJ Press Conference
    27-04-2012;2:45am;EUR;Medium Impact Expected;French Consumer Spending m/m
    27-04-2012;3:00am;CHF;Medium Impact Expected;KOF Economic Barometer
    27-04-2012;4:00am;EUR;Low Impact Expected;Italian Retail Sales m/m
    27-04-2012;Tentative;ALL;High Impact Expected;G7 Meetings
    27-04-2012;8:25am;CAD;Medium Impact Expected;BOC Gov Carney Speaks
    27-04-2012;8:30am;USD;High Impact Expected;Advance GDP q/q
    27-04-2012;8:30am;USD;Medium Impact Expected;Advance GDP Price Index q/q
    27-04-2012;8:30am;USD;Medium Impact Expected;Employment Cost Index q/q
    27-04-2012;9:55am;USD;Medium Impact Expected;Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment
    27-04-2012;9:55am;USD;Low Impact Expected;Revised UoM Inflation Expectations

    this means that "Low Impact Expected", "Medium Impact Expected" and "Non-Economic" will be ignored.
    USD related news will be presented on each chart (not only pairs with xxx/USD and xxx/USD)

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    I have been away for 4 days and now all I see on the AMP Monitor is the Live Patterns. The other two for Emerging and Completed have this message, "You didn't pay for selected signals or change the filter settings."
    Gone is the word "TRIAL". Did I log in wrong, or has the monitor changed that much since last week?

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    I believe if you where on trial - then your trial has expired and you can only see the actual live patterns. You won't see anything happening in the emerging or completed patterns.

    How was your trial with the AMP Monitor? Where you able to use it effectively for trading? I think I need more time to actually grasp everything from the amp monitor.

    I'm about to pay for the signal of EURUSD and had a question if it was the same to pay the $5 over on the ampmonitor website or over at the iPhone app... Just wanted to know what's the difference!

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    if you do not mind, better for AMPmonitor team if you pay from the website.
    the answer you gave to Storm is correct.

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    @kor4x - of course no worries. I will then subscribe through the website... I believe they deserve this and it's a truly good product and service they are providing... Just want to be able to get more out of it with time and through my reading / sharing in this forum. Hope it pays for itself in the month to come! Besides EURUSD any other pair you recommend? I believe you said before you liked the AUDUSD and that you where most of the time just looking at those 2 pairs with the AMP Monitor... Correct?

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    One last question - what time zone is the AMP Monitor referring to? Sometimes when I look at the graphs and the times - it is not in NY / Eastern Standard Time. I might have something setup wrong possibly!

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    on the charts time is shown as comes from the brokers we use for datafeed.
    but in the AMPmonitor columns you will see the time recalculated to your zone, if you set it properly in AMPmonitor settings.

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    The trial was not explained well at all. I even asked about it in the forum having no clue what it meant. I really did not have enough time to use it since I had to leave town for work (day job) for 4 days and did not have time to do anything other than work. Looking at trading charts was impossible during that time so I was not concerned with it then. However now that I am back, I no longer have the testing option.

    I found the correct time zone this morning and that will help.

    Please let me know how you do with the paid version since I am not ready to use that right now.
    Last edited by Storm; 04-27-2012 at 12:34 PM.

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